Who Are We?

Nestled in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Roobze emerged in 2021 from the genuine love and daily adventures of a dog owner and his loyal companion. Our founder, inspired by countless walks through lush forests and along scenic seashores, faced the familiar challenge of managing the messy aftermath these joyful excursions left in his car and home – from sand and mud to the unmistakable scent of a wet dog.

Despite these messy encounters, his commitment to his dog's freedom and happiness was unwavering. This commitment sparked the idea for Roobze – beginning with the quest for an ideal drying solution for his dog. Finding the market lacking, he innovated the first Roobze drying coat, thoughtfully designed to be practical, efficient, and easy to use. Soon, this unique solution resonated with fellow dog owners, echoing a common need among the pet-loving community.

And so, Roobze was born, not merely as a business venture but as a heartfelt response to a widespread need among dog owners. The brand name 'Roobze' itself is a creative fusion of 'Robes' for practicality and 'Booze,' the name of the founder's energetic dog, symbolizing the spirit and joy of our canine friends.

Our Mission

Roobze, anchored in Atlanta, Georgia, is on a mission to transform the daily lives of dog owners. We aim to offer innovative solutions that address the cleanliness and hygiene challenges dogs often bring into our lives. Our goal is to streamline your pet care routine, allowing you to focus on the joy and companionship of your furry friend, free from the stress of the ensuing mess. Every product from Roobze is crafted with the vision of enhancing your experiences with your pet, ensuring that every moment spent together is enjoyable and carefree.